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The Fieldprint Calculator is a resource used by project participants to input data and explore relationships between management practices and sustainability outcomes. It allows project participants to input data and compare their performance at the field level by reviewing individual reports generated by Field to Market Canada. The Fieldprint Calculator is currently available in Canada for producers of most commodity crops in the prairie provinces and Ontario and Quebec. The Fieldprint Calculator estimates field-scale performance on sustainability indicators including land use efficiency, soil erosion risk, energy use, greenhouse gas impact, water quality and biodiversity and then compares individual producer’s results against benchmarks calculated from publicly available data.

Features and Benefits

Easy Data Entry
It should take less than an hour to enter your data for 3 fields & 3 years. It gets even easier in future years, once your farm and fields are set up.
Outcomes Focused
Many sustainability initiatives focus on desired practices, while Field to Market models the sustainability outcomes of your management.
Field Scale
Field to Market Canada also produces national indicator reports, but the focus in the calculator is individual fields.

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